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LiveJournal for Somersize For Health: Level 1.

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Monday, October 11th, 2010

Subject:Найти диету
Posted by:kimberleyat.
Time:11:49 am.
Девушки, я, конечно, псих, маньяк и параноик, но вы ведь тут все тоже такие же, да?) у меня тут вот какое дело, начала я абц и причем всё же хорошо и жрать не хочу (спасибо, флу) и весы кухонные купила, всё считаю, вычитаю, прибавляю) и тут вчера читала френдлист и одна из вас написала что-то вроде этого "девочки, всё-таки лучше худеется, когда ешь мало и часто, а не на голодовках"...эту гениальную мысль. я, конечно, знаю и на себе проверяла, НО....боюсь я есть нормально.....мне кажется, что разжирею быстро.....я уже совсем запуталась....и абц мне кажется недейственной....ну или действенной. но потом боюсь, что вес так же быстро обратно наберу.....ем я мало....и хочу дальше продолжать есть мало. но теперь боюсь, что это тоже недейственно....типо обменка затормозится и потом хрен вообще что-нибудь скинешь......кто-то предложил чередовать мало-много, дабы обменку обмануть, но МНОГО.....вы же понимаете, девочки.....короче, вообще не знаю, что делать.....хочу похудеть, а потом просто жить и придерживаться питания, на котором не жиреешь...но запуталась окончательно....помогите найти диету!!

Прекрасное — это нечто такое, что принадлежит исключительно вкусу. Кант И.

Красота — не потребность, а экстаз. Это не жаждущие уста и не пустая протянутая рука, но пламенное сердце и очарованная душа. Это не образ, что вам хотелось бы видеть, и не песня, что вам хотелось бы слышать, но образ, который вы видите, даже если сомкнете глаза, и песня, которую вы слышите, даже если закроете уши. Джубран X.

О, Красота! Найди себя в любви, а не в лести твоих зеркал. Тагор Р.

Для тех кто пытается ищет новое.
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Monday, November 7th, 2005

Posted by:kittycatqueen.
Time:3:39 pm.
hey everyone, I just started to somersize 2 days ago, and so far I been doing pretty good and feeling VERY full on the plan but I'm too lazy to back some somersize desserts, anyone one know of any thing good that does not reqire baking or ordering?

I'm triying to lose 10-15 pounds so hopfully in a month or so I can reach that. :)
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Saturday, June 11th, 2005

Subject:New here
Posted by:poodlemommy21.
Time:9:06 am.
Hi, I just joined the community a few days ago. I was on somersize about 2 years ago and lost alot of weight.This seems to work for me better than atkins.So, I have 2 questions for the community is there anywhere that you can buy the somersize food besides HSN or her website? Also, did Suzanne ever written another somersize book after the one she did 2 years ago?
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Monday, June 6th, 2005

Posted by:kissble430.
Time:2:49 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
Hi. I'm new here. This community seems a little quiet but I figured I would introduce myself in case someone was still lurking waiting for this community to come to life.

I started Somersizing 2 weeks ago. I am the heaviest that I have ever been and so is my husband. My mom's friend had some great luck with Somersizing so we decided to give it a try also. So far I don't feel like i'm suffering which has always been my dieting downfall. My goal is to lose 100 lbs so that I will be a healthy weight to start trying for a baby. My results are a little slow coming so far (I have yet to lose any lbs but the jeans feel a little looser) but my husband is down 11 lbs! I trying not to give up hope and keeping steady. Hopefully I'll see some results soon!

If anyone out there is lurking and wants to start posting again with me then lets bring this community back to life!!

:o) D.
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Monday, March 21st, 2005

Posted by:geekychick1.
Time:1:59 pm.
i wish this community was more active :)
i started somersizing today.
has anyone had a lot of luck with it so far?
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Saturday, November 27th, 2004

Posted by:__yeeeehaw.
Time:9:15 am.
Mood: anxious.
Hi! im so glad theres a community on this diet. okay so i managed to lose 7 pounds in a little over a week, probley 2 months ago. Then I went to Florida and totally lost contact with the diet. My grandmother lost 54 pounds in less than a year on it and shes still going good. Today I'm starting up again & my goal is to lose 15 pounds in a month. I don't know if this is realistic, but If someone can lose 7 pounds in a week then I suppose I can do this.

My only problem is that I will get sick if I drink an excesive amount of water. So I can only stick to 5 or 6 glasses a day even though she says 8. Im glad to be in this community! Ill keep you posted on how i'm doing.

P.S what are some good breakfast meals that I can do. All I really do is bacon and eggs or just fruit.
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Monday, April 5th, 2004

Posted by:staritropix.
Time:2:27 pm.
Hey there,
I am the daughter of a somersize fanatic...but I was wondering and I hope this isnt too off topic....

Who here has tried her Somerskin skincare line?

My mother has 2 sets and she just gave one kit to me. I LOVE IT.

Anyone have any good/bad experiences with this line?


I didn't know of any other community that could help me
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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

Posted by:staritropix.
Time:6:15 pm.
Hey everyone.

My name is Samantha and I am 21 years old.

I am not overweight but I want to lose a few pounds here and there. Overcoming Anorexia quite awhile back I know this is a safe way for me to want to lose minimal amounts of weight.

My mother has lost over 40lbs in the past 11 weeks on the somersize program. She has spent so much money on the foods but has also cooked up some great dinners from her cookbook.

My favorite snacks that I have in my fridge right now are:

SomerSweet Milk Chocolate Crunch Bar
and its not really a snack but the Colorado Chili simmer sauce to put over my chicken.
The Somer Chocolate Mousse is SO DAMN GREAT! But I save that for when I go home and visit mom, other than that its mainly just the crunch bars and the sauce but my mom has like every food item.

Last weekend we tried her pancakes...pretty good, but you NEED to use the syrup that she has.

And this isnt food related but...I am in love with her skincare line.

So far, I have been Somersizing for 11 days and have lost 6.5lbs.
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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

Subject:potluck party advice
Posted by:ragani.
Time:12:15 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.
Hi all! I have a small get-together that includes friends with all sorts of different diets. My boyfriend and I prefer the somers' diet, but are adaptable to suit out guests needs for occasions like these.

So far our guests include:
- at least 2 Weight Watchers
- and 1 to 2 Atkins dieters

The rest of the guests (4+) are not on diets that I am aware of, but since it is resolution season may very well be. I suppose it could have been more complicated if any of my vegetarian or dairy-free friends decided to join!

The event is potluck, and very casual, but as the hosts, I want us to make at least one dish that is suitable to as many guests as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions? Both main or side dishes are fine, as long as they are not very time consuming.

X-posted to lowcarbflavor and cooking
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Saturday, November 8th, 2003

Subject:Yahoo, I found a somersizing site...
Posted by:pjsgrly.
Time:1:32 pm.
Mood: excited.
I have been journaling for a bit now but an just venturing into communities. I have somerzied for 3-4 years now, the only times I have stopped are when I had run into money problems, as you already know, it's more expensive to eat healthy than to eat not healthy. OH yeah, when I was stressed out while pregnant and working 55+ hours. But when i got put on disability I started to somersize again. I stoped gaining wieght and have lost 27 pounds since I have been home for two months now.
I have platuaed and haven't lost any weight this week, but still trying to stay motivated, and I know once I get an active job that will help me loose more wieght. I am so excitted to be here, and I will visit more often.
stats for my self
age: 24 years old
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 188
Goal: 140-150
Marital status: married 4+ years
Kids: 2 boys
Job: non right now Previous manager of Starbucks
Activity: work out 3-5 times a week at gym for 1 hour to 1 hour and a half.

I am so glad to post here, By the way I started my mom on somersizing and she lost 5 pounds in 10 days. My husband lightly somersizes as he has diabetes history in his family. I remember my first week ever of somersizing I lost 11 pounds my first week. I love it and am so excited to share my feelings and excitement with others.
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Thursday, March 13th, 2003

Posted by:stellamaris.
Time:7:25 pm.
i started somersizing about 5 days ago, and i'm doing great. i've lost five pounds :D i generally do fruit and carbs in the morning, and pro/fat for the rest of the day, with some fruit thrown in here and there. i have somersize cream cheese cupcakes cooking in the oven right now. i've been trying so hard to lose weight for months, and gotten absolutely nowhere. i've made more progress in this single week than i have in the whole 3 months i was dieting prior to somersizing. i was also a vegan, but i've downgraded to ovo-lacto vegetarian for this program. it's been hard for me...i have such strong views about dairy consumption, etc. but if it comes down to choosing between my health and the wellbeing of cows...well...yeah. anyway, that's me :)

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Tuesday, June 18th, 2002

Subject:My First Two Days...
Posted by:emerald_dust.
Time:12:42 pm.
Mood: satisfied.
Well, this is officially my second day Somersizing and without caffeine. Yesterday was very hard to do without my coffee, since I am use to drinking several cups throughout the day. I developed a huge headache which also made me very sick to my tummy. lol But, today I seem to be doing better...no headache yet and I've stuck to my eating routine.

Yesterday I had a bowl of fruit and then later on in the morning I made bacon and eggs.
I also had some cheese and pepperoni slices.
For dinner I made roast and asparagus.

Today I will try to add more vegtables to my diet. I had the same breakfast as yesterday, but I will most likely eat a fat-free vegatable salad for lunch and maybe a salad with some cheese and a little roast bits.

Ugg..I hope I'm doing things right.
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Saturday, June 15th, 2002

Subject:Basic Rules
Posted by:emerald_dust.
Time:3:02 pm.

  1. Eliminate all FUNKY FOODS

  2. Eat FRUITS alone, on an empty stomach


  4. Eat CARBOS with VEGGIES and no fat

  5. Keep PROTEINS/FATS seperate from CARBOS

  6. Wait three hours between meals if switching from a PROTIEN/FAT meal to a CARBO meal, or vica versa.

  7. Do not skip meals. Eat three meals a day and eat until you feel satisfied and comfortably full.

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Subject:Funky Foods...
Posted by:emerald_dust.
Time:2:53 pm.

White Sugar
Brown Sugar
Raw Sugar
Corn Syrup
Maple Syrup

White Flour
White Rice
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash
Acorn Squash
Hubbard Squash
Bad Combo Foods

Low-fat or
whole milk
Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeinated Teas
Caffeinated Soda
Hard Alcohol
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LiveJournal for Somersize For Health: Level 1.

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