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Somersize For Health: Level 1
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Welcome! If you have been Somersizing, this is your opportunity to share your experiences. If your new to the program, this is a great place to start asking questions.

Very soon we will have a recipe database and a grocery list of 'good foods' and 'funky foods' (foods you should stay away from), but for now we must go by the resources I have collected from around the net. I have provided a list of these informative web pages towards the bottom.

In due time you will be able to click on the 'memories' link within the community and view the various pages I've created to help us stick with the program. Of course, any and all ideas are welcome from YOU to keep this place informative and also entertaining...just post a message within the community.

If enough members join, I will be more than willing to share my web space to provide before and after photos of our members. Pictures of your progress are encouraged since they not only provide you with a visual of your journey, but they also give new members something to strive for.

The basis of Somersizing is fairly simple:

We start out by eliminating certain foods, funky foods (which contain sugars/starch), from our food plan. We then seperate the food that we can eat and eat them in a certain combination. This helps our body digest the food quicker and more efficiently. As a result, our metabolism increases and burns the energy instead of storing it.

To find out more about the Somersizing plan, just check out Suzanne Somers website:

This community is maintained by emerald_dust and various others who are on their way to a healthier lifestyle and, of course, a better bod.

"Somersizing is not a diet, but a way of life."...Suzanne Somers.