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My First Two Days...

Well, this is officially my second day Somersizing and without caffeine. Yesterday was very hard to do without my coffee, since I am use to drinking several cups throughout the day. I developed a huge headache which also made me very sick to my tummy. lol But, today I seem to be doing headache yet and I've stuck to my eating routine.

Yesterday I had a bowl of fruit and then later on in the morning I made bacon and eggs.
I also had some cheese and pepperoni slices.
For dinner I made roast and asparagus.

Today I will try to add more vegtables to my diet. I had the same breakfast as yesterday, but I will most likely eat a fat-free vegatable salad for lunch and maybe a salad with some cheese and a little roast bits.

Ugg..I hope I'm doing things right.
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