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potluck party advice

Hi all! I have a small get-together that includes friends with all sorts of different diets. My boyfriend and I prefer the somers' diet, but are adaptable to suit out guests needs for occasions like these.

So far our guests include:
- at least 2 Weight Watchers
- and 1 to 2 Atkins dieters

The rest of the guests (4+) are not on diets that I am aware of, but since it is resolution season may very well be. I suppose it could have been more complicated if any of my vegetarian or dairy-free friends decided to join!

The event is potluck, and very casual, but as the hosts, I want us to make at least one dish that is suitable to as many guests as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions? Both main or side dishes are fine, as long as they are not very time consuming.

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